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11 Top Fathom Analytics Alternatives 2024

Dec 13, 2023

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11 Top Fathom Analytics Alternatives 2024

If you’re here, it’s likely because your once-beloved web analytics tool – Fathom Analytics, has led you down!

Maybe with its basic functionalities, limited features, or a pricing structure that simply doesn’t align with your agency’s needs.

To streamline your search for the best analytics tools, including alternatives to Fathom Analytics, we’ve created this blog. Here, you’ll find customer reviews, key features, pricing breakdowns, and many more of the top analytics tools for 2024. 

Alongside a quick buyer’s guide of – Things to look for in an analytics tool – So let’s get going.

Fathom Analytics alternatives

What is Fathom Analytics?

Fathom Analytics is a web analytics platform that allows website owners to track visitor data, page views, and other important metrics without resorting to nosy tracking methods like cookies or storing personal information.

With a variety of features come certain limitations, such as only getting basic insights and not finding your app and website analytics in one place. Let’s explore further to see why you should consider alternatives to Fathom Analytics.

Usermaven CTA

5 reasons you should consider alternatives to Fathom Analytics

1. Data collection limitations

Fathom Analytic’s privacy-focused approach restricts the depth of data collected, such as not providing detailed user behavior analysis, customizable reporting, or real-time data tracking.

2. Lack of advanced functionality

If your website demands complex and in-depth analytics beyond Fathom Analytic’s capabilities, such as complex segmentation or custom reporting, alternative tools might offer more robust features.

3. Data customization

Some users prefer more control over their analytics data. Alternatives often offer greater customization options, allowing users to tailor data collection and reporting according to their unique business requirements.

4. Specialized analytics

Depending on the nature of the agency’s work, certain alternatives like Usermaven might specialize in specific areas such as user engagement, product analytics, or in-depth campaign tracking.

5. Pricing and scalability

Fathom Analytics has its pricing structure, but alternatives might provide more flexible pricing plans that align better with an agency’s budget.

Best Fathom Analytics alternatives in 2024


Key features



Real-time analytics,  No-code tracking, AI assistant, Pixel white-label

Pro: Starts at $14/month
Premium: $99/month
Enterprise: Custom

Plausible Analytics

Cookie-free and EU-based, Straightforward analytics

Growth: $9/month
Business: $19/month
Enterprise: Custom


Data ownership and customization, Custom reports

Cloud-hosted version: Starts from 19EUR/Per month


Event-based tracking,  Retention analysis

GROWTH: Starting at $20/month, ENTERPRISE: $833/month


Behavioral analysis,  Conversion tracking

Starts from $25.99/month

Google Analytics

Detailed insights into website performance

GA 360: Starts from $12,500 per month

Piwik Pro

Data security and compliance, Privacy compliance

Core plan: Free
Enterprise plan: Custom


Automatic data capture, Detailed user journeys

Growth: Custom
Pro: Custom
Premier: Custom

Amplitude Analytics

Detailed analytics,  Customer segmentation

Plus: Starts From $61/mo
Growth: Custom

Simple Analytics

Transparency and ease of use, Privacy-focused

Starter: $9/month
Business: $49/month
Enterprise: Custom

Adobe Analytics

Detailed insights into customer behavior

Prime: Custom
Ultimate: Custom

This table summarizes key features, pricing plans, pros, and cons for each analytics tool, providing an overview of their strengths and limitations for businesses seeking the right analytics solution.

Whether you prioritize data ownership, real-time insights, or simplicity, there’s a Fathom Analytics contender among the list that could redefine how you track and understand your website’s performance.

1. Usermaven

Our top choice for the best analytics tool is Usermaven—a privacy-focused website and product analytics powerhouse known for its user-friendly interface,
real-time analytics, no-code event tracking, and more. 

This tool offers profound insights into user flows alongside actionable insights – enabling marketers to design laser-focused strategies. Its standout feature? Get accurate stats with Adblocker (Pixel White-label) bypassing and cookie-less tracking. 

Key features

And if you feel like you’re in the dark about which channels are driving conversions and which aren’t?

Usermaven is your “single source of truth.”

It’ll enable you to focus your efforts on the channels that truly engage your target audience and drive conversions.

Pricing plan

  • Pro: Starts at $14 /month
  • Premium: $99/month
  • Enterprise: Custom
  • Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of Usermaven

    Customers reviews

    Capterra reviews

    “World-class, privacy-friendly website & product analytics tool”

    Stefan G.

    Director of Operations & Design

    G2 reviews 

    “The absolute best Google Analytics Alternative Hands Down!”

    Matthias L.

    Web Designer & Online Marketer

    Here’s why users love Usermaven

    Usermaven reviews

    2. Plausible Analytics

    Plausible Analytics is a straightforward, privacy-focused web analytics tool. It spotlights essential metrics without compromising user privacy through invasive tracking methods. 

    Moreover, this Fathom Analytics alternative aims to deliver transparent, easy-to-understand data about website traffic, visitor counts, and referrers, providing insights while respecting user privacy.

    Pricing plan

  • Growth: $9/month
  • Business: $19/month
  • Enterprise: Custom
  • Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of Plausible Analytics

    Customer reviews

    “Cookie free analytics”

    Rob H.

    Owner & Researcher

    3. Matomo

    The next in line is Matomo, an open-source analytics platform that prioritizes data ownership and customization. It allows users to host analytics on their servers, ensuring complete control over collected data.

    Moreover, Matomo’s customizable features enable tailored analytics reports, compliance adherence, and the ability to adapt insights to specific business needs.

    Pricing plan

  • Cloud-hosted version: Starts from 22EUR/ per month
  • Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of Matomo

    Customer reviews

    “A comprehensive and customizable self-hosted web analytics platform”

    Isak P.

    Tech Lead

    4. Mixpanel


    Mixpanel is a powerful product analytics tool focused on tracking user interactions within applications or services. It specializes in providing detailed insights into user behavior, offering features like event tracking, funnel analysis, cohort analysis, and A/B testing. 

    Moreover, this fathom Analytics alternative is favored for its advanced analytics capabilities, particularly in analyzing mobile apps and SaaS products. 

    Pricing plan< /strong>

  • Growth: Starting at $20/ month
  • Enterprise: $833/ month
  • Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of Mixpanel

    Customer reviews

    “Great Analytics Tool for Decision Making”

    Verified Reviewer

    Software Engineer

    5. Kissmetrics

    Kissmetrics focuses on customer engagement and behavior analytics across various touchpoints. It tracks customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle, providing insights into user behavior, retention, and engagement. 

    Also, it specializes in delivering data-driven insights to optimize marketing strategies, improve customer retention, and enhance overall customer experiences.

    Pricing plan

  • Starts from $25.99 /month
  • Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of Kissmetrics

    Customer reviews 

    “Amazingly helpful, but really hard to implement and maintain”

    Verified Reviewer

    Sr. Online Marketing Manager

    6. Google Analytics

    Google analytics

    Google Analytics is a web analytics platform by Google. It remains a dominant force in the analytics race as it tracks and analyzes website performance and user behavior, offering insights into traffic sources, demographics, user interactions, and conversions. 

    Besides that, Google Analytics offers both free and paid versions. The free version, known as GA Standard, is widely used and provides robust analytics capabilities for many businesses. However, GA 360, the paid version, offers additional features and support for larger enterprises or those with more complex analytics needs.

    Pricing plan

  • Google Analytics 360: Starts from $12,500 per month
  • Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of Google Analytics

    Customer reviews 

    “Identifies What’s Going On With Your Website”

    Tayyab S.


    7. Piwik Pro

    Piwik Pro is an enterprise-level analytics platform focusing on data security, privacy, and compliance. It offers advanced analytics tools, secure data hosting, customizable reports, and GDPR compliance features. 

    However, this Fathom Analytics alternative caters to organizations requiring heightened data security and regulatory adherence.

    Pricing plan

  • Core plan: Free
  • Enterprise plan: Custom
  • Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of Piwik Pro

    Customer reviews

    “Great Alternative to Google Analytics”

    Marco M.


    8. Heap

    Heap simplifies analytics with its automatic data capture and retroactive analysis capabilities. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools enable effortless data exploration. 

    Heap’s focus on empowering users with actionable insights without the need for manual tracking sets it apart as a valuable analytics solution.

    Pricing plan

  • Growth: Custom
  • Pro: Custom 
  • Premier: Custom 
  • Pros and cons 

    Pros and cons of Heap

    Customer reviews

    “Ok analytics software if you have developer skills. There are easier-to-use tools out there”

    Charlie C.

    Digital Marketing Manager

    9. Amplitude Analytics

    Amplitude Analytics is a product analytics tool that helps businesses understand user behavior, track events, and derive insights to optimize products and user experiences. It’s particularly focused on providing actionable insights to drive product decisions and improve user engagement.

    Pricing plan

  • Plus: Starts From $61/month
  • Growth: Custom 
  • Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of Amplitude Analytics

    Customer reviews

    “Best product analytics tool but pricey”

    Melisa K.

    Head of Business Intelligence and Data Science

    10. Simple Analytics

    Simple Analytics is a streamlined web analytics tool prioritizing transparency and ease of use. With a clear focus on privacy, it provides essential website traffic insights without invasive tracking methods. However, its simplicity might limit advanced features and customization options compared to more complex analytics platforms.

    Pricing plan

  • Starter: $9 /month
  • Business: $49 /month
  • Enterprise: Custom
  • Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of Simple Analytics

    Customer reviews

    “As it’s called: Simple Analytics…”

    Ronald D.

    Trainer and therapist

    11. Adobe Analytics

    Adobe Analytics is a powerful digital analytics platform designed to provide deep insights into customer behavior and engagement across various digital channels. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for tracking, analyzing, and visualizing data from websites, mobile apps, social media, and other digital platforms. 

    This Fathom Analytics alternative uses reporting capabilities and AI-driven insights to help businesses make informed decisions to optimize marketing strategies and enhance user experiences.

    Pricing plan

  • Prime: Custom
  • Ultimate: Custom 
  • Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of Adobe Analytics

    Customer reviews

    “A lot of useful information for analysis”

    Olga S.

    Senior Publisher Manager

    Things to look for in an analytics tool


    Advanced features

    Points to consider

    Data visualization

    AI-driven visuals, interactive UI

    Clear, comprehensive data representation


    Machine learning adaptability

    Tailored analytics for specific business needs


    Intuitive, customizable interface

    User-friendly for all skill levels


    Advanced encryption, compliance

    Powerful protection of sensitive information


    Real-time analytics, fast processing

    Efficient handling of large data volumes

    Cost and scalability

    Scalable pricing, flexible options

    Balancing growth without excessive expenses

    Support and training

    24/7 assistance, personalized training

    Accessible help for effective tool utilization


    Seamless API, cross-platform use

    Compatibility with existing systems

    Why choose Usermaven over Fathom Analytics? 

    While Fathom Analytics falls short, Usermaven – the ultimate SaaS analytics solution, offers businesses a comprehensive suite of tailored features. That empowers brands to conduct in-depth user journey analytics, enabling smarter, data-driven decision-making for smooth user experiences. 

    Here are a few reasons why you should go for Usermaven over Fathom Analytics.

    benefits of Usermaven


    1. Are these alternatives suitable for small marketing agencies?

    Absolutely! Many of these alternatives offer scalable solutions ideal for smaller agencies.

    2. What factors should agencies prioritize when choosing an alternative?

    Consider specific analytics needs, scalability, pricing, and ease of integration with existing systems.

    3. Is Fathom Analytics entirely free?

    No, Fathom Analytics offers a subscription-based model with varying plans based on website traffic.

    Try for free

    Simple & privacy-friendly analytics tool

    Know what's happening at every touchpoint of your users’ journey with AI-powered analytics.

    Learn more about Usermaven

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