What is Usermaven?

Usermaven is an all-in-one analytics solution for online businesses looking to unlock growth and make data-driven decisions - without spending hours on setup.

By combining website and product analytics in one tool, it provides a comprehensive view of your customers' journey on your website and app. Having a single source of truth is crucial for businesses looking to understand their customers better and making informed decisions that lead to growth.

Whether you're looking to optimize marketing campaigns with better attribution data, improve customer experience with funnel analysis, or make data-driven product decisions with pre-built reports, Usermaven has you covered.

Privacy-friendly analytics

As a privacy-focused analytics tool, Usermaven puts your customers' privacy first. The platform only collects and stores data that is necessary for providing the insights you need, and we are committed to following industry-standard privacy practices to ensure that your customers' data is always safe and secure. You can easily choose between cookieless and cookie-based tracking modes depending upon your needs.

SaaS product analytics

Usermaven is more than just a privacy-focused website analytics tool - it's a powerful growth enabler. Especially for SaaS businesses, Usermaven provides pre-built reports to view customer behavior and journey, including acquisition, product engagement, feature adoption, power users, and retention metrics. With this information, SaaS businesses can make informed decisions that lead to increased conversions and growth.

Auto-capturing of Events

Usermaven's autotracking capabilities allow you to track all frontend events without the need for any additional help from a developer. Whether it's tracking form submissions, button clicks, or page views, Usermaven makes it simple to capture the data you need, without any additional effort.

Who is it best suited for?

  • Marketing teams: With Usermaven’s website analytics and attribution, marketing teams can measure the impact of their campaigns, pinpoint critical conversion points, and improve their marketing strategy.

  • Product teams: Usermaven provides product teams with detailed insights into user behavior, including how customers interact with their product, what features they use most, and what obstacles they encounter. This information can be used to prioritize product development and make data-driven decisions about what features to build next.You can track user engagement over time to see when customers start to lose interest and to identify which features are driving or losing engagement.

  • Customer support teams: Usermaven's comprehensive view of customer behavior and journey allows customer support teams to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Business owners and executives: It is a single source of truth to see key metrics and growth opportunities. With Usermaven, they can track important metrics such as conversion rates, DAU/MAU ratio, feature adoption, and retention, and make informed decisions to drive growth.

  • Agencies: By streamlining the process of managing client analytics, Usermaven makes it easier for agencies to serve more clients and increase their revenue. Agencies can spend less time on manual data analysis and more time delivering valuable results to their clients. With Usermaven, agencies can provide impactful growth insights, enhance their client's outcomes, and boost their overall profitability