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Enter the details in the UTM builder below

Please fill in all fields marked with an asterisk (*), and the UTM-powered campaign URL
will be created for you.

Website URL*

Your complete website link

Campaign source*

The referrer (utm_source)

Campaign medium*

Marketing medium (utm_medium)

Campaign name*

Unique identifier for campaign (utm_campaign)

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Identify the paid keywords (utm_term)

Campaign content

Use this to differentiate ads (utm_content)

Campaign ID

Ads campaign ID (utm_id)

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How to use our free UTM generator tool

Enhance your campaign tracking effortlessly with our UTM builder. Strengthen your links for maximum impact.
Here’s how to make the most of it:

Paste your link

Paste your link

Please enter the URL that you would like to track or simply just paste it.

Add UTM parameters

Add UTM parameters

Fill in the required UTM parameters, including source, medium, campaign, and more.

Get your tracking link

Get your tracking link

Click "Generate UTM" to create your tracking link and use it in your marketing campaigns.

UTM ParameterDescriptionRequiredExample
URLUse to specify the URL of the website linked to your campaignMandatory
Campaign nameNames the specific campaign to track (e.g., summer_sale, product_launch)Mandatoryutm_campaign=black-friday-sale
MediumSpecifies the marketing medium (e.g., email, CPC, organic)Mandatoryutm_medium=organic
SourceIdentifies the traffic origin (e.g., newsletter, social media)Mandatoryutm_source=social media
Campaign IDUse to identify the unique campaign IDOptionalutm_campaign_id=123456
ContentDescribe ad or content variation (if applicable)Optionalutm_content=ad_variant
TermIncludes keywords for paid search (if applicable)Optionalutm_term=keyword

What does a UTM link look like?

How it works

Streamline campaign tracking

Effortlessly create custom UTM parameters to track your marketing campaigns with precision. Our UTM builder simplifies the process, ensuring accurate data collection for insightful campaign analysis.

Streamline campaign tracking

Enhance marketing ROI

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by utilizing our free UTM builder. Accurately track campaign performance to identify successful strategies and optimize future initiatives, boosting ROI through Usermaven’s analytics.

Enhance marketing ROI

Save time and resources

Say goodbye to manual UTM parameter creation. Our user-friendly UTM builder automates the process, allowing you to generate campaign URLs quickly and efficiently. Spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on strategic marketing activities with Usermaven.

Save time and resources

Gain detailed insights

Sign up for Usermaven to effortlessly track the performance of your UTM links. Simplify and improve your marketing campaigns with precise analytics, empowering informed decision-making.

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