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Simple, and privacy-friendly website analytics

Usermaven's web analytics product is a Google Analytics alternative that provides a real-time view of your website traffic metrics. Cookie-free, hosted in EU, and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR.

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Simple dashboard with the data you care about

Our focus is to make web analytics simple and easy to use. You can find all of the metrics you need to make informed business decisions, on a single page. You don't need to be a data scientist to comprehend what you're seeing.

Gain valuable insights in real-time

You’ll get a summary of your website’s most important metrics in real-time. See the count of unique visitors, top referrers, top locations, top pages, and a lot more.

No-code event tracking and goal conversions

Our autocapture technology automatically tracks important actions on your website. Track conversions on simple goals like button clicks, link clicks and form submissions without writing any extra code.

No cookies, no consent banners

We only collect what is truly necessary, all anonymously, without using any tracking cookies or storing personally identifiable information. So, you don’t need to display annoying cookie consent banners on your website

Privacy-first and hosted in EU

We only collect what is truly necessary, all anonymously, without using any tracking cookies or storing personally identifiable information. So, you don’t need to display annoying cookie consent banners on your website

Get the full picture with white-labeled tracking pixel

To make data-backed decisions, you need accurate data. However, most analytics tools including Google Analytics are blocked by ad-blockers. By using your custom subdomain with Usermaven, you get 100% of the traffic data without invading anyone’s privacy.

Empower your team and clients

Keep your team and clients informed by sharing access to your dashboard and automating regular analytics reports via email and other channels. More reporting features are coming soon.

And much more...

Unlimited Websites

You can install Usermaven on as many websites as you want because we charge you based on the total number of events (including pageviews) that are triggered.

Multiple Users and Roles

If you want to share your dashboard with your team or customers, you can invite any number of users to your workspace at no additional cost.

You Own Your Data

All the data collected belongs to you. We only use it for reporting and won’t ever sell your data. You can request an export or deletion any time you want.

We Respect DNT

We value users privacy so any visitors who have “Do not track” setting enabled in their browser will not be tracked.

Quick and Easy Installation

Usermaven seamlessly integrates with your stack by adding a small JavaScript snippet or plugin to your website.

Lightweight Script

Our JS code (powered by CDN) loads faster than Google Analytics which means that your website won’t slow down and it won’t affect your SEO negatively.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

Usermaven’s data is hosted in EU and we don’t collect personal identifiable information. We are fully compliant with privacy laws around the world.

First-party Pixel Connection

You can easily setup your custom domain with Usermaven to enable first-party tracking and get almost 100% accurate stats.

Deep Dive with Easy Filters

With a single click, you can instantly filter and compare your metrics. Mix and match filters to dip deep and compare any metric within the dashboard.

Marketing and UTM tracking

Know which source, content or campaign is producing results. Analyze conversion rates of external sources such as email, social or paid by using UTM tags.

Email Reports

Stay in the loop with weekly/monthly email reports to see how your website is performing. Get alerted when there’s a sudden spike in your traffic.

API AccessSoon

Using our simple REST API, you can take your website statistics outside of Usermaven and integrate them with other tools and apps.

“Finally, I have user-level and company-level analytics for my SaaS. After trying a bunch of different products, Usermaven stood out because it was easy to setup and simple to use.”

Mike Hill

Founder at Curator.io & Frill.co

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