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Actionable Insights for Product-led SaaS Growth

Usermaven turns user behavior into actionable insights to help you increase product adoption and reduce churn in your SaaS business.

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Hundreds of product-led companies have chosen Usermaven

“Easy to setup and much easier to use product analytics. We tried a lot of product analytics solutions @CardClan, but all of them required a lot of effort to get up and running and get value out of. With Usermaven, we were able to get a full visibility of our customer life cycle from sign-up to retention with just 30 minutes of setting up the reports. Highly recommended”

Saad Ali

Founder at CardClan

Accelerate Growth by Better Understanding User behavior at Every Stage

Everything you need to maximize your customer success and business growth in a single-view. Keep track of website visitors and product users as they move through different stages of the customer lifecycle journey.


Convert more visitors into sign-ups

Discover which sources are bringing in potential customers and which pages are making them take the desired action on your website.

Funnel Analysis

Visualize drop-off rate and conversion rate of your main pages to understand when and where visitors are leaving your website.

Marketing Attribution

Instantly know which sources and marketing channels are working and which ones are not, with different attribution models.


Analyze and optimize your onboarding strategy

See where users are getting stuck during the onboarding steps. Identify blockers and optimize your onboarding process to fast-track them to the ‘aha’ moment.


Measure user engagement to maximize customer success

User engagement leads to retention, which leads to growth so Usermaven helps you keep track of all those important metrics with a couple of clicks.

Engagement Metrics

Understand how customers are interacting with your product by tracking key metrics like DAU, WAU, MAU.

Stickiness Ratios

Find the actual value users are getting and measure stickiness to improve product success.

Power Users

Uncover usage patterns and understand your most engaged users with the ‘Power User Curve’.


Discover who’s using your key features and how often

Easily track every important feature in your product to measure adoption and see how each feature is contributing towards customer retention.

Compare Feature Adoption

Recognize which features user like the most – and which they don't. Introduce data-backed decisions in your feature development process.

Feature Audit Report

Get detailed insights on any feature like how many users or companies have adopted it, how frequently they use it, and how many are slipping away.

Segment by audience

Not every feature is for everyone. So, Usermaven has segmentation built-in to help you analyze feature engagement reports by custom audiences.


Identify when users are leaving your product to reduce churn

Find slipping away customers to reduce churn and track retention over time for different cohorts.

Retention Cohort Analysis

Find problem moments in your product by analyzing how different groups of users engage in the first few days, weeks or months and when they’re likely to churn.

Track Slipping-away Users

Identify users who are drifting away from your product or a specific feature and haven’t come back since a specific amount of days. Re-engage them to reduce churn.

“I really like how every important SaaS metric is right in front of me. I did integration myself and it was so easy to setup everything . Such a solid product Usermaven is! ”

Usama Khalid

Founder at ContentDrips.com & PostDrips.com

Other Features to Help Your Business Grow

Put your customers at the center of everything you do.

Customer Data Platform

With upcoming integrations, Usermaven will become the customer data hub for your SaaS business unifying user interactions across different tools.

360 Profile View

Get a detailed, step-by-step user journey for each and every visitor and user you have, complete with every interaction made with your business.

Customer Health ScoringSoon

Get a deeper understanding of your user’s health to proactively engage those who are at risk of churn or ready to purchase.


Group users or companies having similar attributes and engagement. Filter data by different segments to get a broader perspective on your audience.

Anonymous Tracking

Usermaven collects all activity from anonymous users and automatically stitches it with the right profile upon sign-up.

Autocapture Events

Gone are the days you had to manually track every action in your product or website. Usermaven can capture all front-end events automatically.

Company Analytics

For B2B companies, user-level analytics don’t provide the full picture. That’s why we provide company-level timeline and analytics to help you make better decisions.

Team Access

Invite your marketing, customer success, and product teams to help you accelerate your product-led growth holistically.

Why Usermaven?

Most firms try to use complex and expensive analytics platforms like Mixpanel or Amplitude but never get around to properly configuring them to get meaningful insights. You need a product analytics solution that’s easy to setup and has ready-made templates to generate actionable insights for making data-backed growth decisions.

That’s why we built Usermaven, the new data scientist in your team. We are making product analytics affordable, easy to setup and simple to maintain.

Super Simple

Designed to be simple and intuitive in every way – without complexity or clutter to distract you.

Privacy Compliance

We’ve designed Usermaven to comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations from day one.

System Security

We apply the latest security standards and take measures to ensure your data is safe with us.

Ready to start with a simple yet powerful analytics platform?

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