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Discover all the Usermaven resources you need to tell your brand story effectively. From logos and app icons
to color palettes and email templates, everything is designed with simplicity and clarity.

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Brand logos

The Usermaven logo pack comprises both an icon and a wordmark. Please refrain from altering the logos
in any way. Simply click on any logo to download a high-resolution version.

Usermaven logo light
Usermaven brandname logo light
Usermaven icon mark light
Usermaven logo dark
Usermaven brandname logo dark
Usermaven icon mark dark

App icons

Our app icons embody innovation and a user-centric approach, reflecting the core values of Usermaven.

Usermaven app icon light
Usermaven app icon dark

Color palette

Dive into Usermaven's vibrant color palette, carefully selected to enhance your brand's visual identity.






App screenshots

Explore high-resolution screenshots showcasing Usermaven's key features and functionalities.

Website Analytics
Product Insights
Product Engagement
Funnel Analysis
Contacts Hub
User Journeys
Feature Adoption

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