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How to Track Product Onboarding in Usermaven

Feb 28, 2024
4 mins read

Getting lost in the complexities of analytics can be frustrating (shh! nobody is referring to Google Analytics 4).

But, if the product onboarding is tons of work, too!

You'd probably give up, right? 

Wait, we are here!

New to Usermaven? We want to make sure our users have an amazing first experience with our product.

That’s why we ensure that Usermaven allows a smooth onboarding experience. For those who still have difficulty onboarding, this guide will be a game-changer.

Let’s get started.

Why is product onboarding important?

Product onboarding is the gateway to a successful user journey, especially crucial for SaaS companies relying on subscription-based models. 

It's where users form their initial impression and decide whether to stick around. 

A smooth onboarding experience can skyrocket your success, while a bumpy one can send users running for the hills- and Usermaven totally gets it!

That's why good onboarding is crucial. It:

  • Boosts retention: Users who experience value early on are more likely to stick around.
  • Increases engagement: Effective onboarding guides users towards key features, encouraging them to explore and use the product more.
  • Reduces churn: By preventing confusion and frustration, onboarding helps keep users happy and subscribed.

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Key best practices

  • Know your users: Segment them based on needs and tailor onboarding experiences accordingly.
  • Define "activation": Identify the key moment when users find value and guide them towards it.
  • Keep it frictionless: Make signup quick and easy, removing unnecessary hurdles.
  • Use clear copy: Keep instructions concise and focused on what users need to know.
  • Interactive walkthroughs: Engage users with personalized, step-by-step guidance relevant to their goals.

Pro tip: You can even track your user's journey during onboarding.

Read to know more: Navigating User Journey in Usermaven 


  • Onboarding is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.
  • Data and analytics are your friends. Use them to track progress and optimize your onboarding flow.
  • There's no one-size-fits-all approach—experiment and adapt to find what works best for your users.

Onboarding queries in Usermaven

Below is an example of a query we received about onboarding. A new customer sought guidance on tracking their "Sign Up" process.

Onboarding queries in Usermaven

Our team efficiently addressed the query, and the user expressed satisfaction with our response. We are committed to providing reliable service for our valued customers.

Now, let’s talk about how Usermaven provides easy and smooth product onboarding, allowing you to have a no-code analytics experience.

Onboarding insight in Usermaven

Usermaven's dedicated "Product Insights" section offers a hassle-free approach to monitoring essential onboarding metrics. This includes tracking user engagement, identifying completion rates, and evaluating conversion rates based on user-specific or company-wide perspectives.

Setting up onboarding insight in Usermaven

Creating an onboarding insight in Usermaven is a straightforward process. 

  • Navigate to "Product Insights," select "Onboarding," and click "Create New." 
Onboarding process
  • Provide a name, add onboarding steps, choose the order, and set the window size for your funnel. Save your insight to begin tracking onboarding metrics seamlessly.
setting up onboarding process

Managing insights in Usermaven

Usermaven provides a central hub for managing insights. From the "Manage Insights" section, you can edit, delete, or set insights as default. These controls empower you to tailor your tracking approach based on evolving needs.

Overview of the onboarding dashboard

Accessing the Onboarding Dashboard in Usermaven provides a quick snapshot of key metrics like Total Users, Total Onboarded Users, and Identifying Drop-Off Points. These insights serve as a foundation for further analysis.

product onboarding dashboard

Deep dive into onboarding insights

For a detailed view, click on the 'Deep Dive' button to access in-depth statistics and insights about user behavior within the specific funnel. Metrics such as Entered, Completed, Drop-off Rate, Overall Conversion Rate, and Average Time offer a comprehensive understanding of user progression.

product onboarding insights

Funnel breakdown for in-depth analysis

Usermaven allows a breakdown of onboarding funnel traffic based on location, technology, and the first touchpoint. This granular view aids in identifying influential factors contributing to drop-offs and optimizing strategies for specific regions, devices, or sources.

funnel breakdown

Funnel comparison for trend analysis

Comparing onboarding funnels over different time periods helps identify trends and assess the impact of changes. Evaluate performance for the current day against previous days, weeks, months, or set custom date ranges for a thorough trend analysis.

detailed funnel analysis

Conversion time distribution analysis

The Detailed Funnel Analysis Dashboard provides insights into time-related metrics, including average time for each step and the entire funnel. Visual representations and detailed insights empower you to optimize user engagement based on time dynamics.

Onboarding funnel

User details for individualized insights

The 'User Details' section offers a breakdown of users who completed or dropped off at each onboarding step. This detailed information, including user names, first seen, and last seen timestamps, aids in analyzing completion rates and identifying potential drop-off points.

user details


With Usermaven's easy-to-use product onboarding insights, you can grasp how users behave, spot any issues, and improve your onboarding experience for better results.

Keep in mind that a seamless onboarding journey is crucial for gaining and keeping users.

By using Usermaven's strong analytics, you can make sure your users make the most of your product right from the start, leading them toward success.

Happy tracking!

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