Show/Hide Domains on Dashboard

Show/Hide domains in Dashboard

Usermaven offers users the flexibility to personalize their experience and choose whether they want a domain to appear on the Web Analytics dashboard or not. A domain becomes visible if the toggle has been turned on, and if not enabled, the domain will be hidden. To customize this setting:

  1. Go to Workspace Settings and navigate to General.

  2. In the "Show or Hide Domain on a Dashboard" section, use the toggle to enable or disable the display of a domain on the dashboard.

Streamlining web analytics with default domain settings

You also have the option of streamlining your experience by setting a domain as default. This ensures that analytics for the chosen domain are automatically displayed when the page loads. You can do this by setting a single domain as the default domain or you can set all your enabled/ visible domains as default after having enabled the "All domains" toggle.

Multi-domain data filtering on the web analytics dashboard

Consequently, you can also filter data on the web analytics page by selecting multiple domains. This feature ensures that data and insights from all chosen domains are simultaneously visible on the web analytics page.

To do so:

  1. Visit Workspace Settings and then proceed to General.

  2. Utilize the options to select multiple domains for data filtering.

Data for all the selected domains will then be visible on the Web Analytics dashboard.