Multi-Domain Insights on Usermaven's Web Analytics Dashboard

Multi-domain insights on Usermaven’s web analytics dashboard

Usermaven enables users to view stats for multiple domains simultaneously on its Web Analytics dashboard. By selecting various domains from the drop-down menu located at the top left corner of the screen, users can gain comprehensive insights into the performance of their website.

However, understanding how visitor metrics are combined when viewing multiple domains is crucial for accurate data interpretation. This document sheds light on why your metrics might appear different when viewing stats for multiple domains at the same time.

Overview of visitors count

At the forefront of the Web Analytics dashboard, Usermaven presents the total count of 'Visitors' for the specified time period. These visitors signify unique individuals interacting with your site. Notably, Usermaven's tracking ensures that revisits from the same individual do not inflate the count of unique visitors. These users are referred to as recurring visitors.

When a single domain is selected, the dashboard provides detailed information on visitors specific to that domain. However, when multiple domains are chosen simultaneously, the displayed visitor count, both in numerical and graphical representations, becomes the aggregate of all selected domains.

Understanding discrepancies

When selecting multiple domains in Usermaven, adding up the individual visitor counts from each domain in a calculator might yield a higher number than the combined metric displayed in Usermaven. This is because a visitor who explores multiple domains is only counted as a single unique visitor, not separate entries for each domain accessed.

Consider three domains:,, and Each domain individually might show: 17,770 visitors 38,418 visitors 9,781 visitors

Adding these individually gives 65,932 visitors. However, the combined multi-domain view on the Web Analytics dashboard might display 62,384 visitors. This difference represents visitors who explored multiple domains, counted as one unique visitor instead of multiple entries.

Clarifying the discrepancy

This variance stems from Usermaven's unique visitor tracking methodology. Similar to the distinction between unique and recurring visitors within a single domain, the combined view considers a visitor as unique only if they are visiting the website for the first time. Visitors who have previously engaged with one or more of the selected domains are classified as recurring visitors. This meticulous metric in Usermaven ensures the delivery of accurate and genuine statistics, providing users with the most reliable insights into their platform's performance.