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Data Access Consent

Data Access Consent

At Usermaven, we prioritize privacy and strictly adhere to relevant global regulations. Our employees will access your data solely for troubleshooting or content recovery upon your request through email or in-app support chat. Here's how you can grant access..

Allow data access

To allow data consent:

  1. In your Account Settings, click on 'Data Consent.'
  2. On the page that opens, select 'Allow Support Access.' This will temporarily provide our support team with access to your account for 14 days. Rest assured, you retain the ability to revoke this access at any time.

allow data access consent

Revoke data access

After you've granted access, Usermaven's support team will have permission to access your Data until you revoke this access.

To revoke access at any time, Click on "Revoke Access" button on the data consent page in account settings.

revoke data access consent

Your account access has been revoked and your details can no longer be accessed by the Usermaven’s support team.