Adding Additional Domains

Adding Additional Domains in Workspace

Usermaven provides the flexibility to link multiple domains or websites to a singular workspace. But for a domain to appear on the Usermaven dashboard, particularly the Web Analytics section, it needs to be added into the workspace.

Although our suggestion is to maintain just one domain (along with its sub-domains) for each workspace, if you aspire to monitor analytics across multiple domains under one workspace, you can incorporate the root URL(s) using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Workspace Settings.

  2. Select 'General.'

    add additional domains

  3. Head over to the 'Additional domains' section to include additional domains in your workspace."

    additional domains section

  4. Enter your domain URL and click on the "Add domain" button.

Once Usermaven begins detecting traffic from your new domain, it will be displayed on the Web Analytics Dashboard.