Install Usermaven SDK

To collect events from your Python application with Usermaven, first install usermaven python SDK.

pip3 install usermaven

Next, see our example code for Python application. (opens in a new tab)

Send users and companies attributes (For product insights)

First, make a client object using your workspace credentials. Next, use our identify function to send us customer data.

client = Client(api_key="API_KEY", server_token="SERVER_TOKEN")
      # Required attributes of user object
      "id": "lzL24K3kYw",    # Unique ID for the user in database.
      "email": "", # Email address for the user.
      "created_at": "2021-01-20T09:55:35",   # DateTime string in your system that represents when the user first signed up.
      # Recommended attributes
      # First name and last name are shown on people pages.
      "first_name": 'John',
      "last_name": 'Smith',
       # Optional attributes (you can name attributes what you wish)
      "custom": {
           "plan_name": "premium",
     # If your product is used by multiple users in a company, we recommend to pass the Company attributes.
        # Required Attributes of company object
        "id": "uPq9oUGrIt", # Company ID in your database
        "name": "Usermaven", # Company Name in your database.
        "created_at": "2021-01-20T09:55:35",   # DateTime string in your system that represents when the company first signed up.
        # Optional attributes such as industry, website, employee count etc.
        custom: {
          "plan": "enterprise",
          "industry": "Technology",
          "website": "",
          "employees": 20

Send important events (For product insights)

Start sending your important and custom events such as "signed_up", "book-a-demo" etc.

  user_id="lzL24K3kYw", # Unique ID for the user in database. (Required)
  event_type="plan_purchased", # Event name to be tracked (Required)
  # Optional attributes
    "plan_name": "premium",
    "plan_price": 100,
    "plan_currency": "USD"