How to exclude certain events from Auto-capture

How to exclude certain events from auto-capture using the tracking pixel

Welcome to the section of our documentation that guides you on how to effectively exclude auto-captured events from specific sections or containers on your website. Leveraging this feature ensures you have granular control over what is being tracked, thereby optimizing your data collection process.

The class .um-no-capture has been integrated to offer a simplified method to exclude undesired auto-captured events.

How to use the “Um-no-capture” class

  1. Identify the Section or Container: To exclude auto-captured events from a particular section or container, first identify the section in your website's source code.

  2. Add the Class: Apply the um-no-capture class to the desired section or container. This can be done by adding it to the class attribute of the HTML element.

    <div class="your-class um-no-capture"> ... </div>

    Example: If you wish to exclude all auto-captured events from the main design editor, simply apply the "um-no-capture" class to the main design editor's class. This will ensure events within that container aren't tracked.


Note: After implementing the "um-no-capture" class, all events within that section or container will be automatically exempted from being tracked by the pixel.