Usermaven's year end review

Usermaven's 2023 Journey in Review

Jan 9, 2024
6 mins read

Greetings and a Happy New Year from the Usermaven team!

As we reflect on the past year, we appreciate the trust and support you've shown us at Usermaven. Our goal is to make analytics more insightful and user-friendly, and 2023 has been a significant step forward in achieving that. 

Let's dive into the highlights of the past year and a sneak peek at what's in store for 2024!

Usermaven's big wins in 2023!

Usermaven had a fantastic 2023, hitting key milestones and bringing you user-focused innovations. Here's a quick overview:

Usermaven achievements

Quarter 1

Dark mode feature release

dark mode screenshot

In the first quarter, Usermaven introduced a dark mode feature, allowing users to switch between dark and light themes. This feature is designed to enhance the Usermaven experience, especially in low-light conditions.

Benefits and impact on users

Dark mode provides a more comfortable visual experience, reducing eye strain during long data analysis sessions. Users can easily customize their workspace by toggling between dark and light themes through the navigation menu.

Segment audience into different groups

Another key update in Q1 was the introduction of the segments feature. This feature empowers users to categorize their audience into different groups based on specific criteria, providing a deeper understanding of user behavior.

Benefits and impact on users

Segments enable more targeted and data-driven decision-making. Users can analyze and compare the performance of different audience groups, gaining insights that contribute to more effective business strategies.

Segment feature

Funnel feature revamp

Funnel feature

The funnel feature underwent a significant revamp in Q1, introducing detailed breakdowns by country, city, device, operating system, and browser.

Benefits and impact on users

This enhancement provides users with deeper insights into conversion data, helping them understand user behavior more comprehensively. Additionally, improvements in conversion goals, displaying unique and total conversions, offer a more definite understanding of analytics, allowing for more informed decision-making.

funnel feature revamp

Quarter 2

AI-powered funnel analysis

AI-powered funnel analysis

In Q2, Usermaven introduced a significant upgrade to the funnel module - AI-powered funnel analysis. This revolutionary feature integrates artificial intelligence, providing users with automated insights into their funnels.

Benefits and impact on users

The latest features make a big difference for users. Now, it's easy to spot the top performers in your funnels - whether it's sources, channels, devices, or countries driving conversions. 

AI-powered funnel analysis

Summary of Q2 achievements

In addition to the AI-powered funnel analysis, Q2 saw Usermaven achieving milestones in enhancing the overall user experience and providing valuable analytics tools. These advancements contribute to our ongoing mission of making analytics more accessible and insightful for our users.

Quarter 3

Introducing Maven AI for quick analysis

In Q3, Usermaven took a significant leap into the realm of generative AI with the introduction of Maven AI. This innovative concept simplifies data analysis – all you need to do is ask. Maven AI is designed to understand everyday language queries related to your data in Usermaven, providing quick and insightful analysis.

Benefits and impact on users

The new features make working with data easier for users. You can ask questions in everyday language and get quick insights without dealing with complicated queries. Right now, Maven AI gives insights into web analytics and contacts hub, and soon, it will support product insights, offering more useful information in a straightforward way.

Usermaven CTA

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Pinned events feature release

In this quarter, Usermaven rolled out enhancements to the product insights module, introducing the pinned events feature. This includes a detailed view, an improved onboarding flow, and the option to duplicate funnels.

Benefits and impact on users

This update brings great benefits for users. You can easily see how often an event happens with the detailed pinned events view. 

User journey analysis

User Journeys! It shows how users move on your app or site, especially before and after key events like signing up. This helps lower cancellations. Find and improve conversion paths, see what users do after creating accounts, and use the insights to make your product better. 

Benefits and impact on users

Users can discover conversion paths, understand their customers' actions, align product roadmaps, and analyze user behavior with this powerful feature.

Compare analytics, contacts hub 2.0

Usermaven introduced features including compare analytics, contacts hub 2.0 with enhanced profiles, and a new segments location filter.

Benefits and impact on users

The latest updates bring great benefits for users. Now, comparing analytics is easy, offering insights over time for informed decisions. Contacts hub 2.0 enhances detailed views with new engagement metrics and location-based filters for geographic analysis. 

Compare analytics and contact hub

Summary of Q3 achievements

Q3 marked a series of milestones for Usermaven. From introducing the innovative Maven AI for simplified data analysis to enhancing the product insights module, user journeys and providing customization options, our commitment to delivering valuable and user-centric features remains unwavering.

Quarter 4

Analyze traffic change in the top source

Analyze traffic change in the top source

In our newest update relevant to analyzing traffic change in the top source, we've improved the analytics comparison. When you select the comparison option, you'll quickly view the percentage difference in traffic between the current and past periods for important sections such as top sources and UTM traffic.

Benefits and impact on users

In top sources, UTM traffic, and other sections, users can now see the percentage change clearly. Plus, you can easily sort data based on these changes for more control in your analysis.

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Introduction to feature adoption 2.0

Usermaven introduces feature adoption 2.0, an advanced update to the product insights module. This version enables users to categorize features into modules, define adoption and retention criteria, and precisely monitor usage metrics for adopted and retained users. 

Benefits and impact on users

The introduction of improved feature organization enables users to create modules and categorize features efficiently. Users can define adoption and retention criteria based on event frequency, with options for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly assessments. The reporting system offers both comprehensive group insights into feature usage trends and quick access to detailed information on individual features, enhancing user decision-making capabilities.

Engagement scoring in contact hub

Usermaven introduces the engagement scoring feature in the contact hub, enhancing user understanding. The new "Engagement" column provides an overview with four distinct engagement levels: highly active, moderately active, low, and at risk. Engagement is measured by considering the number of events and active days within the past 30 days.

Benefits and impact on users

The engagement column is a game-changer for users, offering a quick look at engagement levels and categorizing users into four groups. It's not just about insight; it helps identify users at risk and allows for targeted strategies to keep them engaged and satisfied. 

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Summary of Q4 achievements

In Q4, Usermaven delivered powerful features, including advanced analytics, improved feature adoption, and enhanced engagement scoring. These additions contribute to our ongoing commitment to empowering users with powerful and intuitive analytics tools.

Exciting upgrades ahead in 2024!

In 2024, Usermaven is introducing a global workspace pixel white-label domain, providing a customizable domain for all workspaces. Planned updates include a 'channels' filter in web analytics and integrations with Google Ads, Meta Ads, Hubspot CRM, and Zoho CRM. 

Additionally, annotations are in the works, allowing users to mark important dates in their reports for added context. 

These developments reflect Usermaven's ongoing commitment to enhancing the user experience with streamlined, personalized, and insightful analytics tools. 

Exciting changes await in the coming year!

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