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Top 9 Plausible Analytics Alternatives in 2024

Feb 19, 2024
8 mins read

Want better analytics? Explore beyond Plausible Analytics! 

From unlocking hidden features and customer reviews to finding the perfect fit for your budget, this blog contains everything you need!

Hold on tight — it's time to explore, compare, and uncover some plausible alternatives that could skyrocket your analytics game! 📊

What is Plausible used for?

Plausible is an analytics platform focused on delivering clear insights into website traffic.  By offering essential metrics like page views and referral sources, Plausible aids businesses in making informed decisions to optimize their online presence.

Why look for an alternative to Plausible Analytics?

People seek alternatives to Plausible Analytics for various reasons. It could be due to the need for more advanced features or scalability as their website expands. Some of the major limitations include:

  • Limited user-defined event tracking, restricting detailed interaction monitoring.

  • Absence of cohort analysis, hindering comparative user behavior assessment.

  • Reduced export options for comprehensive data sharing and reporting.

  • Limited integration options with third-party tools.

  • Restrictions in historical data retention.

Moreover, some users might prioritize specific functionalities like custom reports,no code event tracking, customizable dashboards that Plausible doesn't offer. Ultimately, it's about finding a better match for their unique analytics requirements.

Pricing (10k pageviews/monthly)

  • Growth: $9/month
  • Business: $19/month
  • Enterprise: Custom
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Best Plausible Analytics alternatives in 2024

1. Usermaven


Our top choice as the best analytics tool is Usermaven - which stands out as a privacy-focused analytics powerhouse, offering both website and product analytics. It excels in providing profound insights into user flows, advanced privacy controls, real-time analytics, AI-driven insights, and no-code event tracking.

It empowers marketers to make informed decisions and design laser-focused strategies while ensuring accurate stats without complex tracking methods.

What sets it apart is not just its powerful capabilities but also its affordable pricing structure, catering to businesses of varying sizes and budgets.



  • Dependence on data quality
  • Customers reviews

    Capterra reviews

    Usermaven Capterra review

    G2 reviews

    Usermaven G2 review

    Pricing plan

    • Pro: Starts at $14 /month
    • Premium: $99/month
    • Enterprise: Custom

    2. Matomo

    Matomo an open-source analytics platform, prioritizes data ownership and customization. It allows users to host analytics on their servers, ensuring complete control over collected data.

    Moreover, with customizable features and compliance adherence, Matomo caters to specific business needs by offering tailored analytics reports and a customizable approach to insights.


    • Basic metrics
    • Search engine keyword rankings
    • Heatmaps
    • Custom reporting


    • No integration with Google Search Console
    • No data-driven attribution
    • UI might feel complex to some

    Customer reviews

    Matomo review

    Pricing plan

    • 19EUR/month

    3. Heap

    Heap’s automatic event tracking and retroactive analytics offer a hassle-free approach, simplifying complex data analysis. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools enable effortless data exploration, offering detailed insights into user journeys without the need for manual tracking.  Although it provides detailed user data, some users might find limitations in customer support and integrations.


    • Data readability
    • Funnel analysis
    • Intuitive dashboard


    • Missing Integrations with Industry standard tools
    • Customer support should be improved
    • Difficult to learn
    • Not very cost-friendly 

    Customer reviews

    Heap review

    Pricing plan

    Custom pricing 

    4. Piwik Pro

    Piwik Pro is an enterprise-level analytics platform focusing on data security, privacy, and compliance. It offers advanced analytics tools, secure data hosting, and GDPR compliance features.

    However, with real-time reporting and search engine keyword rankings, Piwik Pro caters to organizations requiring heightened data security and regulatory adherence, but with some limitations in support.


    • Secure data hosting
    • User flow and user path
    • Customer journey
    • Tag managing


    • Complex user interface
    • Integration with other applications is not easy
    • No pricing transparency

    Customer reviews

    Piwik pro review

    Pricing plan

    • Enterprise plan: Custom

    5. Fathom Analytics

    Fathom Analytics is known for its emphasis on privacy, providing website analytics without invasive tracking methods. It maintains user data integrity, ensuring compliance with regulations like GDPR.

    However, it has limitations in providing detailed user behavior analysis and customizable reporting, making it suitable for those seeking basic yet privacy-centric analytics.


    • Call flow reporting
    • Behavior tracking
    • Real-time details dashboard


    • No free version
    • Hard to setup
    • Event-setting & goal-tracking features are limited

    Customer reviews

    fathom analytics review

    Pricing plan

    • Starts at $15/month

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    6. Google Analytics

    Google Analytics, a prominent player, offers extensive functionalities, making it suitable for businesses needing comprehensive data analysis. Its versatility spans from tracking website traffic, user demographics, and behavior to providing insights on conversion rates and traffic sources.

    As a widely-used analytics tool, its free version, GA Standard, caters to diverse business needs, while the paid version, GA 360, offers additional features and support for larger enterprises.

    You can also read: GA4 Limitations & the Call for an Alternative Analytics Tool


    • Easy integration
    • Basic features in the free plan
    • Data organization
    • Works great with other Google suite products


    • Complex interface
    • Paid versions are costly
    • Customer support needs to be improved
    • Data sampling

    Customer reviews

    Google analytics review

    Pricing plan

    • Paid pricing plan starts at $12,500 per month

    7. Kissmetrics

    Kissmetrics excels in tracking user behavior throughout the customer lifecycle, emphasizing conversion tracking and retention analysis. With its ability to optimize marketing strategies through data-driven insights, Kissmetrics stands out for businesses aiming to enhance customer retention and overall experiences.

    Despite offering users the ability to monitor and analyze a range of metrics, including user interactions, conversions, and the effectiveness of marketing efforts, Kissmetrics has received mixed reviews. Some users have criticized the platform for certain drawbacks, such as management issues and an outdated user interface, which have impacted its overall reception.


    • Easy tracking
    • Easy to access reports
    • Allows for A/B testing


    • Expensive pricing
    • Dated UI
    • Poor data retention policy

    Customer reviews

    kissmetrics reviews

    Pricing plan

    • Starts at $25.99 per month

    8. Adobe Analytics

    Adobe Analytics is a comprehensive digital analytics platform offering in-depth insights into customer behavior across various digital channels. It stands out for its detailed reporting capabilities, AI-driven insights, and integration with Adobe's suite of marketing tools.

    However, its complex setup and cost might be more suitable for larger enterprises with extensive analytics needs, while smaller businesses may find it more challenging to navigate or afford.


    • Segmentation
    • Provides AI-driven insights
    • Reliability
    • Flow analysis 


    • Costly
    • Steep learning curve
    • Data privacy concerns in different regions

    Customer reviews

    Adobe analytics reviews

    Pricing plan

    • Select: Custom
    • Prime: Custom
    • Ultimate: Custom

    9. LogRocket

    LogRocket specializes in user session replay and debugging, allowing developers to identify and troubleshoot issues on web applications effectively. It provides detailed insights into user sessions, console logs, and network activity, aiding in diagnosing bugs or usability problems.

    LogRocket’s strength lies in its focus on technical analysis and real-time error resolution, but it might be more developer-centric and less oriented toward broader business analytics.


    • Enhances the customer support journey
    • Efficient debugging
    • Average user interface


    • Pricing is high
    • Cropping sessions could be simplified
    • Limited features

    Customer reviews

    Log Rocket Reviews

    Pricing plan

    TEAM plan starts at $69 per month

    What is the best Plausible Analytics alternative?

    Usermaven shines as the top pick when you're exploring alternatives to Plausible Analytics. It's a complete analytics package, diving into both website and product data.

    It really focuses on understanding how people use websites, keeping their privacy in check, and giving practical tips to improve things. Also, its features match Plausible's commitment to privacy-centered analytics.

    Here’s what makes Usermaven a great Plausible Alternative



    Plausible Analytics


    Customizable branding for brand integrity

    Not available

    Advanced Privacy control

    Robust data protection and compliance

    Basic privacy features

    Funnels with multi-attribution

    In-depth insights into user journeys

    Limited funnel analysis

    Custom reporting

    Tailored reports for specific needs

    Basic reporting features

    Retention tracking

    User retention trends analysis

    Limited retention tracking

    Feature adoption

    Easy monitoring of feature adoption rates

    Not available

    Granular analytics

    Detailed user behavior insights

    Basic analytics

    Advanced segmentation

    Segment visitor data by various parameters

    Limited segmentation capabilities

    Event tracking

    Detailed monitoring of specific user actions

    Basic event tracking

    API access

    Extensive integration with other tools

    Limited integration capabilities

    Custom metrics

    Creation of custom metrics for flexible analysis

    Standard metric offerings


    Keep in mind that each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, ranging from pricing, advanced features, user-friendliness, privacy, and more. When choosing an alternative, businesses should consider their specific analytics needs, scalability, integration capabilities, and pricing structure. Visit our website for more relevant information, Thanks.☺️


    1. What is an analytics tool, and why is it important for businesses?

    Analytics tools track and analyze data from websites or applications, offering insights into user behavior and helping businesses make informed decisions to improve performance and user experience.

    2. What key metrics should businesses focus on when using analytics tools?

    Metrics like page views, sessions, bounce rates, conversion rates, and user demographics are crucial for understanding user engagement and website/application performance.

    3. What are the standout features of Usermaven as an alternative to Plausible?

    Usermaven offers both website and product analytics, in-depth funnel analysis, AI-driven insights, cost-effectiveness, and advanced privacy controls.

    4. What is the best analytics tool?

    Usermaven stands out as the best analytics tool due to its comprehensive suite of analytics solutions, encompassing both website and product analytics.

    5. How does Google Analytics compare to Plausible in terms of pricing, complexity, and data organization?

    Google Analytics offers extensive functionalities but might be complex, costly (especially for the paid version), and require improved customer support.

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