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Power Users: The Ultimate Catalyst for a Product's Success

Dec 20, 2023

5 mins read

Power Users: The Ultimate Catalyst for a Product's Success

          “You need power users to power up your product.”

The power users are highly engaged users with advanced knowledge of your product. They have reached the “Aha!” moment and made it a “habit”.

They are undoubtedly the most valuable users of your product.

But is chasing power users worth it? And to what extent?

Before delving into the depth of understanding this concept of power users, let’s start by definition; 

What are power users?

Power users

Users who have been using a product or service for quite some time and have become intimately familiar with all of its features, quirks, and flaws. They tend to be the most engaged customers and are likelier to give more feedback than average users.

These power users know your product inside out and can share valuable feedback. By studying how they use it, you can make it easier for new users to get on board. Moreover, you can take specific actions to help regular users become power users, creating a more engaged and knowledgeable user community.

What are the benefits of having power users?

Power Users

Getting power users is great because they bring a lot of benefits, such as:

1. Increasing average customer value (ACV)

Power users are like the VIPs of your customer base. They contribute significantly to your business’s bottom line by not just using your product frequently but by using it well. Thus, it provides value to your product and increases its average customer value (CLV). Imagine them as expert chefs who cook often and know how to use every kitchen tool ideally. 

2. Reducing customer acquisition cost (CAC)

These users are not just customers but your marketing heroes, and they help reduce customer acquisition costs. When someone finds a product they love, what’s the first thing they do? They tell others about it. Power users do exactly that. They write positive reviews, share testimonials, and bring in new customers through referrals. 

It’s like having a marketing team that works 24/7 without you having to pay extra. 

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3. Identifying new value and refining the roadmap

Think of power users as explorers in the vast land of your product. They push the limits of your product, identifying new value and refining the roadmap to make the most of it. The feedback they give is pure gold. It helps you see the product differently and suggest improvements. This ongoing collaboration ensures your product stays relevant and keeps getting better.

Now that you know how crucial power users are for your product, let’s explore the essential qualities that make them stand out.

What are the qualities of power users?

Qualities of power users

Power users are like secret weapons to improve the product. A few qualities that make power users stand out from other users are; 

1. Frequent usage

Power users stand out by consistently and regularly using a product, demonstrating high engagement. For instance, online banking tools might log in more than twice a week, and in project management, they could use the tool several times daily.

2. Industry alignment

What sets power users apart is their ability to align seamlessly with the workings of their respective industries. They don’t just use the product randomly; instead, they integrate it into their workflow, making it an essential part of their professional routine.

3. Feedback champions

Power users play a crucial role as feedback champions. Their extensive use of the product makes them quick to notice any issues and proactively provide constructive feedback to the makers. Additionally, they are equally prompt in expressing appreciation when something works well.

Feedback of Power users

4. Early adopters

These users are pioneers in trying out new features. They eagerly dive into uncharted territory, testing fresh updates before the broader user base. This proactive approach often leads to discovering innovative ways to utilize the product, sometimes surprising the creators.

5. Mines of ideas

Intelligent teams recognize the value of power users as rich sources of ideas and feedback. Regular communication with these users is like tapping into a gold mine, extracting insights that can be instrumental in enhancing and evolving the product.

What is the difference between active users and power users?

Sometimes, it’s tricky to tell the difference between power users and active users. Looking at a usage chart might give a partial picture. See, power users are the ones who bring value to your product because they’re into specific features, and how often they log in only tells part of the story.

Suppose you still need clarification on power users and active users. In that case, this table will be helpful to clear all doubts:


Regular users/ Active users

Power users


Active users engage regularly, participating in routine interactions.

Power users exhibit advanced proficiency, utilizing the product extensively with expertise.

Engagement level

Moderate engagement: may use the product casually.

High engagement; frequent and deep interaction with the product.

Product knowledge

Limited knowledge; may only explore some features.

Advanced knowledge; familiar with all aspects of the development.

Retention and customer loyalty

Varied retention rates may be less loyal.

Higher retention rates; more likely to be loyal customers.

Feedback and Suggestions

Provide feedback occasionally.

Actively contribute valuable feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Now that you get it, let’s see how you can identify power users without any additional hassle;

How to track power users?

treck power users

Finding power users doesn’t have to be a puzzle—especially when you have the right tools. We’ll show you easy ways to spot these passionate supporters and how using product analytics tools like Usermaven can help you connect with and make the most of their support for your brand.

What does Usermaven’s dashboard show?

Usermaven’s dashboard tells stories through visuals;

7-Day interval power users curve

Check users’ weekly engagement. Focus on specific weeks using the date picker.

7 days power users activity

30-day interval power user curve

Explore users’ month-long engagement. Choose a month for precise insights with the date picker.

30 days power users curve

30-day interval power users activity

You can see users’ monthly activities by total event count and get more details by selecting a specific month with the date picker.

The power user’s list

At the bottom of the page, you can find the insights. Click “click here” to see the list of power users reveling in their activity. This portal spills the beans on each active user’s name, email address, and total events.

Power user bar

Users vs. companies: insights for everyone

Explore insights from two angles:

  • User’s Engagement: Understand how each user interacts with your product features. Grasp their specific patterns and engagement metrics.
  • Companie’s perspective: Designed for products serving organizations, gain a corporate view. See how different companies utilize power user features and adjust strategies accordingly.

This Usermaven analysis enhances your understanding of power user dynamics, guiding strategic improvements for a better user experience.

For a better understanding, you should watch this demo video:  Users Insights in Usermaven.

You may be thinking about how to get these power users. Keep reading to know;

How to get more power users?

Get more power users

Here comes the question: How can you attract more power users? Let’s explore the strategies.

  • When many new users join, it’s a chance for everyone – new and old – to explore more.
  • Know your key capabilities that drive the valuable usage.
  • Don’t allow new users to boil the ocean – allow incremental discovery and advancement. 


First, you must analyze your current power user’s behavior to get more power users, including: 

Why are they coming back?

And which is the most used feature by power users?

Once you analyze this, you will notice that people using your product’s specific feature have a higher customer retention rate than those who didn’t use it. You can make improvements according to it and offer special deals and discounts to grab the attention of your valued users.

It’s a Two-Way Street.

Strengthening connections with power users 

Building relationships with power users goes beyond what they extract; it’s about what they give back. Actively engage power users by providing;

1. Rewards for sharing

Give rewards to power users when they share thoughts or bring in friends.

Example: Access to premium features for power users who successfully refer others to sign up. This encourages power users to advocate for your tool, leading to a broader user base and enhanced engagement.

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2. Plan together for the App’s future

Involve power users in planning where your app should go.

Implementation: Create a special group or forum for ongoing collaboration. This ensures that power users have a say in shaping the app’s direction, fostering a sense of ownership and community.

3. Turn ideas into App improvements

Take suggestions from power users and incorporate them into the next version of your app.

Insightful Input: Collect valuable insights from power users to enhance the user experience. This collaborative approach not only improves the app but also acknowledges the expertise of power users.

4. Build personal connections

Get to know power users by having conversations.

Engagement Level: Establish a more personal connection by understanding the user’s journey with the app. This human touch goes beyond transactions, making power users feel recognized and appreciated.

5. Learn from power users

Observe and learn from your super users.

Optimization Strategy: Understand unique usage patterns to optimize the app for all users. By studying power users, you gain insights that can benefit the entire user base, making the app more user-friendly and efficient.

Wrapping up

So, to wrap things up, power users are like the superheroes of your product, even though they make up only a few percent of total users. They are the value users; these essential customers improve your business; we’ve discussed ways to find and get more of them.

Tools like Usermaven are helpful guides, showing you where to find these valuable users and how they use your product. So, in a nutshell, keep an eye on these power users – they’re the secret to your product’s success.


1. What are the different types of users?

Every product has two types of users: active users and power users. Active users are the ones who engage regularly with your product, while power users generally constitute highly involved or valuable users among the active user base.

2. What is the relationship between power users and user engagement?

Power users play a crucial role in boosting user engagement. Their high activity levels and positive interactions influence others, inspiring increased participation in a product or service.

3. How do DAU, WAU, and MAU help you identify power users?

DAU (Daily Active Users), WAU (Weekly Active Users),  and MAU (Monthly Active Users)  show who’s using a platform every day, week, and month. Power users stand out by being the ones who consistently show up and stay involved.

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