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How to Locate Users Based on Device Type in Usermaven

Feb 20, 2024
4 mins read

Interested in knowing what devices your users favor?

Usermaven can help!

See which devices rule your user kingdom.

Mobile, desktop, tablet, oh my!

Are mobile users more likely to browse, while desktop users convert?

Get all the answers without breaking a sweat.

P.S. Keep pro learning mode on; this guide spills all the secrets about your user's device type.

User’s device type insights

Start by understanding the device landscape. Usermaven provides a comprehensive overview of the devices your users employ – be it mobiles, desktops, or tablets. 

This insight serves as the foundation for tailoring your platform to meet user expectations.

Usermaven doesn't just stop at presenting device statistics; it dives deeper into user preferences. 

Let’s see how;

How do you locate users based on device type?

Now, let's get practical. 

Usermaven offers a user-friendly interface to locate users based on their device types. Follow these simple steps:

a. Log in to your Usermaven account.

b. Navigate to the "User Devices" section.

 users based on device type

c. Choose the specific device type you want to explore – mobile, desktop, or tablet.

users based on device type

d. Usermaven will present detailed analytics, showcasing user activities and preferences based on the selected device type.

Curious whether mobile users lean towards browsing while desktop users are more conversion-focused? 

Usermaven has the answers.

Follow along,

Find user device type with Usermaven

Step 1: Add the identify function

The first step in harnessing the power of Usermaven to locate users by device type is to add the "identify function" to your tracking script. Here's how:

  • Navigate to "Workspace Settings" in your Usermaven app.
Workspace settings
  • Access the 'Setup' section and proceed to the second step.
identify function setup
  • Add the identify function below the original Usermaven tracking script.
identify function script

Customize the identify function

Ensure that the "identify function" is tailored to your needs by including attributes like device type. 

You can pass various attributes about the user, providing a holistic view of their interactions across sessions, devices, and browsers.

Usermaven's identify function

Reminder: Activate pro learning mode (in case you forgot)!

Step 2: Access and analyze data

Once the identify function is integrated, the next step is to access and analyze the data in Usermaven's Contacts Hub. Here's how you can make the most of this feature:

Contacts Hub
Contacts Hub

Each dashboard offers comprehensive insights into the individuals visiting your platform, their activities, and the devices they use.

Step 3: Access all details at Contacts Hub

The contact hub dashboard offers comprehensive insights into user activities on your platform, covering various aspects:

  • Device type: Indicates whether users are accessing your platform from MAC, Windows, or iOS devices.
  • Location: Specifies the geographical location of users while accessing your platform.
Operating systems

Additional user details

  • Engagement level: Categorized based on user activity in the last 30 days, ranging from at-risk to very high engagement.
  • First seen: Records the date of a user's initial visit to your platform.
  • Last seen: Displays the most recent interaction with your platform.
  • First touch point: Identifies the source or channel through which users first discovered your platform.
  • First viewed page: Highlights the initial page a user accessed on your platform.
  • Last viewed page: Indicates the most recent page viewed by the user.
  • User-agent: Specifies the web browser used, such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.
  • Page views: Represents the total number of pages viewed by the user.

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Usermaven contacts Hub


By understanding your users' device preferences through Usermaven, you can make informed decisions to optimize your platform and deliver an exceptional experience across all devices. 

Remember, the key lies in using data ethically and responsibly, always prioritizing user privacy and respecting their choices.

Sign up for Usermaven today to understand your users better and stay ahead of the competition.

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