The perfect no-code alternative to GA4 and Mixpanel.

Website and Product Analytics Done Right - Finally!

Usermaven's Spotless™ tracking captures all events automatically, removing the dependence on developers and making it the easiest analytics tool for marketers and product people.

Privacy-friendly and hosted in EU.

  • GDPR & CCPA compliant
  • No tech expertise needed
  • No credit-card required.

Hundreds of product-led companies have chosen Usermaven

How Usermaven can help grow your business?

With Usermaven, you can answer questions like:

  • Which traffic sources or campaigns are bringing in the most engaged users?
  • Where users are dropping-off during sign-up or onboarding?
  • How many of those onboarded users reached the activation stage?
  • Which features are being used the most (or the least)?
  • Who are the power users of a specific feature?
  • Which users are slipping away and need your attention?
  • Track engagement metrics like DAU, WAU, MAU, DAU/MAU, WAU/MAU
  • And many more...

5 Reasons why Usermaven is the best analytics tool for your business!

Quick 5-minute set up

Effortless, no-code event tracking

Unlike other tools, Usermaven eliminates dependence on developers for tracking key actions performed by users on your website or app.

  • Every button click, form submission, purchase or page visit is automatically tracked.
  • Group similar events such as, sign-up buttons on different pages of the website, and track aggregated conversions.
  • Forgot tracking a key action after a design change? No worries, make use of retroactive data tracking to find insights from past data.

Unmatched tracking and attribution

Analyze your marketing channels to increase ROI

Do you feel like you're in the dark about which channels are driving conversions and which aren't?

Usermaven is your “single source of truth”.

It’ll enable you to focus your efforts on the channels that truly engage your target audience and drive conversions.

  • Evaluate how each channel contributes to your business goals.
  • Stay on top of new referrers and spot opportunities for growth.
  • Track and compare the performance of your marketing campaigns with UTMs.

Know it all with best-in-class tracking

Uncover user journeys to make informed decisions

Ever wished you could see exactly what individual users are doing on your website or in-app?

With Usermaven you can!

  • Track individual user behavior to understand their interests. See what they're paying attention to, and make informed decisions.
  • See which channel brought them and where they dropped off.
  • Follow anonymous visitors across different sessions and multiple domains.
  • Automatic stitching of anonymous data with identified profiles when users sign-up.

A product team’s dream

Understand in-app user behavior to foster product-led growth

Imagine if you knew where users are facing friction, which features are being used the most, and who your power users are.

Meet Usermaven’s pre-built reports for SaaS!

Get all these insights and a lot more, so you can make your product better and retain users for longer.

  • See onboarding drop-off areas to remove friction and increase activation rate.
  • Track feature adoption and retention to build a better product experience.
  • Measure all the key engagement metrics like DAU, WAU, MAU, and stickiness ratios.

Accuracy is everything

Get accurate stats with Adblocker bypassing and cookie-less tracking

Most analytics tools (including Google Analytics and Mixpanel) provide inaccurate stats because roughly 27% users block tracking scripts with adblockers.

With Useramven’s pixel whitelabeling technology, adblockers are bypassed and you get 99% accurate stats.

  • One simple DNS change and you are set to get full picture
  • Use cookieless tracking mode to get rid of that annoying cookie-consent banner.
  • Privacy-friendly and iOS-friendly analytics.

“Finally, I have user-level and company-level analytics for my SaaS. After trying a bunch of different products, Usermaven stood out because it was easy to setup and simple to use.”

Mike Hill

Founder at &

Why Usermaven?

Most firms try to use complex and expensive analytics platforms like Mixpanel or Amplitude but never get around to properly configuring them to get meaningful insights. You need a product analytics solution that’s easy to setup and has ready-made templates to generate actionable insights for making data-backed growth decisions.

That’s why we built Usermaven, the new data scientist in your team. We are making product analytics affordable, easy to setup and simple to maintain.

Super Simple

Designed to be simple and intuitive in every way – without complexity or clutter to distract you.

Privacy Compliance

We’ve designed Usermaven to comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations from day one.

System Security

We apply the latest security standards and take measures to ensure your data is safe with us.

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