The easiest analytics platform to make data-backed decisions

A powerful analytics suite to understand the behavior of your visitors and customers with pre-built reports. Privacy-friendly and hosted in EU.

Web analytics

Simple and privacy-friendly Website analytics.

Product Analytics

Actionable product insights to grow your SaaS business.

Hundreds of product-led companies have chosen Usermaven

Web Analytics

Analyze and get a deeper understanding of your traffic in real-time

Uncover which sources are bringing traffic, which pages are visited the most, and which actions help in conversions.

  • Simple alternative to Google Analytics
  • Cookieless and privacy-friendly
  • Conversion and goal tracking
  • Custom event tracking
  • Pixel white-labeling

Product Analytics

Discover how users engage with your SaaS product to make the right decisions

Understand user behavior with pre-built reports

  • Acquisition analysis
  • Onboarding analysis
  • Product engagement metrics
  • Feature adoption tracking
  • Retention & Cohort analysis
  • Events auto-capture

“Finally, I have user-level and company-level analytics for my SaaS. After trying a bunch of different products, Usermaven stood out because it was easy to setup and simple to use.”

Mike Hill

Founder at &

Why Usermaven?

Most firms try to use complex and expensive analytics platforms like Mixpanel or Amplitude but never get around to properly configuring them to get meaningful insights. You need a product analytics solution that’s easy to setup and has ready-made templates to generate actionable insights for making data-backed growth decisions.

That’s why we built Usermaven, the new data scientist in your team. We are making product analytics affordable, easy to setup and simple to maintain.

Super Simple

Designed to be simple and intuitive in every way – without complexity or clutter to distract you.

Privacy Compliance

We’ve designed Usermaven to comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations from day one.

System Security

We apply the latest security standards and take measures to ensure your data is safe with us.

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