[WEBINAR] How to Set up Usermaven to Get Accurate Insights

Badge program - Track more events for free

With our Badge Program, secure 250,000 monthly events at no charge by simply adding the Usermaven badge to your website. This special promotion is targeted towards startups and small businesses.

Here's how to get 250,000 monthly events for free:

Add the following code to the footer of your website:
<a href="https://usermaven.com/?utm_source=badge" rel="nofollow">
<img style="width:150px;height:58.18px" src="https://usermaven.com/img/badge-dark.png" alt="Usermaven | Website analytics and product insights" />
That's it. Email us at support@usermaven.com once the badge is on your site, we'll automatically give you 250,000 events per month for free.